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Here are a few important items to check through before you leave on a well-deserved break:

  1. Check your car insurance policy for the benefits on the road and how they can assist you at a time of Emergency. Save the emergency no’s on your phone.
  2. Make sure your home insurance is up to date.
  3. Make sure that all Portable possessions are SPECIFICALLY INSURED should you wish to enjoy cover when these items leave the safety of your home.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the locked boot & items stolen from an unattended vehicle clause in your policy. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
  5. Don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle; unless it kept in a concealed compartment; insurers also only pay out a small limit for items stolen out of an unattended vehicle.
  6. JAMMING – ensure your vehicle is locked by lifting the door handle after you have locked it with the remote. Insurers does not pay out claims if the vehicle was jammed, and there are NO VISIBLE FORECED ENTRY.

Broker/Insurers complain about the same stuff; usually things which caused problems at the time of a claim, and then clients end up furious and out of pocket.

The following examples are cases that can result in serious unhappiness!

Switching Insurers

Clients request quotes from various brokers/insurers; miscommunication arises and clients end up with more than one policy for the same stuff. Both policies are being deducted from the client's account because the previous insurance was not cancelled. There has been cases where a client was dually insured for more than 9 months and didn't realize that both debit orders are still going through their account. This causes serious problems because duel insurance is illegal, and to sort this out both insurance companies will have to give equal portions of the premiums back, claim payouts must be shared and everything is just one BIG mess. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS IN FUTURE SHOULD YOU SWITCH INURANCE COMPANIES. Insurers can get sticky because the onus is still on the client to cancel insurance policies and to check his/her bank statements for wrong deductions.

Brokers can send the SIGNED cancellation on behalf of the client, but it has happened before where the cancelled insurer did not process the cancellation or nobody could find the e-mail or fax. This is when the fighting begins! Please check your bank statements.

Meeting with your Broker is very important

When a prospective client doesn't want to afford a Broker time to do a proper risk analysis it can result in items not being insured or the client being insured incorrectly. Afford the broker the opportunity to give you the same or better cover at a cheaper premium by providing them with your previous schedule and if you are afraid the Broker undercuts the premium by just enough to get your business; just give them an indication of what you are paying. The FSB requires Brokers to do a comparison for clients when quoting on their portfolio; our comparison highlights the different insured items under each section; excesses and premiums. As most of our clients are "Bottom Line" type of people; they do not have time to go through all the different quotes & underwriting criteria.

Know how to read your policy schedule

Your Broker should show you how to read your policy schedule and how to check the crucial information. Human error or finger trouble can be the cause or incorrect information being reflected on your schedule. NOTIFY YOUR BROKER IMMEDIATELY. You are also the only person who really knows what must be on cover and if an item is missing you will pick it up much quicker.

Requested documentation

Furnish your broker with the requested documentation ASAP. We had a case where a valuation certificate for an expensive ring was not sent to us after the commencement of the policy. The ring was lost and the client could not find the valuation certificate. The insurer repudiated the claim and premiums was refunded, just because no proof of the ring could be provided. Our client was sure the valuation certificate was in the safe and procrastinated in sending it to us.

An example of the ideal accident sketch

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Unfortunately, we do not insure stupidity

The ideal coach for our team - although we feel like this at times, we don't take this approach to service.

How to insure correctly & limit losses

"THE CATCH" is the small print we never bother to read, but are furious if it bites us in the backside :-)



Notify your Broker BEFORE you change address; complete a New Risk Address form. THE CATCH . . . . . Insurers will not accommodate a claim at the wrong address because the Risk Area & Home/Business Securities changed. They reserve the right to accept a risk or not.


Ensure your policy schedule doesn't reflect an ALARM WARRANTY; THE CATCH . . . . . If there is an Alarm Warranty on the policy it means an ACTIVE; LINKED ALARM must be in place in order for any theft claim to be accommodated.


THE CATCH . . . . . . Ensure your schedule or policy wording doesn't note this as a condition of cover. Most insurers' doesn't cover MUNICIPAL POWER SURGE; only power surge caused by lightning.


Software for computers & Lap tops must be specified SEPARATELY; it is not automatically included in cover. THE CATCH . . . . . . . . Keep Registration Key & proof of purchase as proof. Make sure your schedule state SOFTWARE cover. (it's usually not for free).


Items such as handbags & contents; Drs bags & contents; clothing etc. THE CATCH . . . . . individual items MUST NOT be electronic (have a serial no.) or worth more than +/- R1, 500 it differs from insurer to insurer.

Specified ALL RISKS

This is any item you take out of your home which is worth more than R1,500 or is electronic.  For example: cell phones; laptops; iPads; iPods; Kindles; sporting equipment. THE CATCH. . . . . you must have proof of such an item (receipt; or valuation certificate).

JEWELLERY Not worn must be kept in a safe. THE CATCH. . . . . . Valuation certificated or proof of purchase must be sent to the Broker/Insurer at commencement in order to claim for this item.



BIG CATCH . . . . . a claim can be repudiated if the REGULAR DRIVER in not noted on a vehicle; this means the person who drives the vehicle most of the time. If the vehicle is driven occasionally by a person under the age of 25y; NOTIFY the Broker/Insurer, otherwise a nasty excess can apply at the time of an accident.


By noting your children as regular drivers on your policy when they ARE actually the regular driver; you afford them the opportunity to start building up an Insurance history which will benefit them hugely when the take out their 1st Short Term insurance policy. Otherwise they will start on a ZERO and their premium will be MUCH higher!


Please provide your Broker with the correct description of the vehicle; for example 2010 Jeep Rubicon 3.8 V6 2door Short wheel base; Manual; Petrol; Silver (wow!! What a mouth full hey! :) THE CATCH . . . . . . If the wrong description is on the policy it could mean that the wrong value is allocated to this vehicle. At the time of a claim the correct model of the vehicle will be established and you could have suffered a premium prejudice. If the vehicle was over insured you will just receive the current Retail/Market value at the time of a claim. If the vehicle was under insured; the insurer could exercise their right to collect the premium prejudice they suffered or just pay out what you were insured for.


PLEASE add car hire to your vehicles!!! The premium is +/- R56p/m = R672p/y . . . . . you will enjoy 14 days car hire at the time of an accident which would have cost you at least R4, 200 for the period OR maybe your friendship /marriage : You make the sums! THE CATCH . . . . . . . . You will not get a 4x4 unless you pay in the difference between a Class B vehicle and a 4x4! But you know what they say . . . . "The best 4x4 by far is a rent a car!!" Just a joke! : Vehicle repairs are rarely finalized in 14 days; most parts are imported and that takes time to receive; if you are given the option; increase the car hire to 30days.


If a tracking device is a condition of cover on a vehicle; ensure that your broker received the tracking certificate and that the devise is ACTIVE and in a WORKING condition at all times. THE CATCH . . . . . . Test the device at least 2 x per year just for safety; if the device's battery went flat; the tracking company might not pick up a signal, and that will mean the device is not in working order.


Maintenance is damaged caused by gradual deterioration (vermin; mould; gutters not being cleaned and then rusted through)

Accidental damage is when something was damaged by a specific event. (Storm; hail; burst pipe) Accidental damage is usually physical damage that can be seen on an item like a crack or dent or a big mess! : THE CATCH . . . . . . If damaged is caused because of maintenance not carried out; it will be excluded at a time of a claim.


Ensure that you update your electronic equipment values on an annual basis with your broker. This can be done at the time your annual renewal notice is sent to you. Request your broker to come see you if you would like to discuss this at the time of your renewal or any other time. THE CATCH . . . . . . Electronic equipment values usually decrease every six months to a year; the onus is on the client to update these values with the broker/insurer. Claimed items will be settled on a value the Insurer can purchase it for at their supplier. PLEASE NOTE: The insurance law states that the insurer must place the client in the same position he/she was in before the claim. The Insurers reserves the right to REPLACE; REPAIR OR SETTLE a claim as they see fit. Placing you in the SAME position as before the claim.